Episode 8: Interview | Anthony Pirro

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Episode 8: Interview | Anthony Pirro

Sometimes we push off opportunities to learn because of the stigmas that exist about other vendors in our industry. Well, those negatives can be pushed aside today because Anthony Pirro brings some sweet value from the perspective of a loan officer to both real estate agents and other loan officers.

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Anthony Pirro

Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [00:01]Learn about and hire a professional Inside Sales Team to respond to and nurture your leads. Visit Aiva today and see what it’s all about.
  • [00:23] – Fire up that RERAW intro!
  • [01:02] – James fires up the show and reminds listeners to head over to RERAW.com to check out all of the resources available and show notes (you’re here already … so just hang out and explore a little while you’re at it).
  • [01:39] – A short intro about today’s guest, Anthony Pirro.
  • [02:27] – Anthony jumps in and says a quick hello. Offering a little glimpse into the man behind the work makes this guest from a “big bank” seem a little more human than we credit most loan officers as being.
  • [03:51] – The differences between big banks versus the direct lender. Tips on what you need to know.
  • [06:40] – Anthony jumps into the logistics inside of a big bank and the importance of communication to find your success.
  • [08:59] – “Frustration is the result of unmet expectations.” -Anthony Pirro
  • [10:19] – Everyone has a different set of goals. Learn more about Anthony’s vision of what “success” means.
  • [12:41] – How can you avoid burning out?
  • [14:23] – How bad do you want it? What does that mean to you? What’s the worth of your sacrifice?
  • [17:05] – A direct communication to the loan officers out there that are just getting off the ground. What’s most important to be focusing on?
  • [21:20] – Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Find out where you should be focusing your time when hunting for business.
  • [23:43] – To get more specific … Anthony drops a major value-bomb on the importance of four buckets of origination.
  • [25:50] – Agents often misunderstand the lending business. Listen in to find out a must know about something you think you have more control over than you do.
  • [27:50] – Be selective with where you spend your energy. Pick your battles.
  • [29:16] – What are the real estate agents doing wrong from the perspective of a loan officer?
  • [37:45] – Anthony jumps into some technology and discusses some of his favorite tools including a highly productive CRM.
  • [40:20] – It’s important to understand your business needs, in order to identify the tools that will fit best for you.
  • [41:54] – Anthony offers up some final thoughts. You can keep in contact with Anthony through his email at acpirro@gmail.com or directly via his cell phone at 323-369-0406.
  • [43:02] – Key points from today’s interview: consistency, follow-through and believing in what you do.
  • [43:35] – James closes it up. Don’t forget to give us a good rating on whatever app you are streaming us through. Your reviews help keep this thing alive!
  • [44:04]Try out Leadpages today.

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