Episode 1: Sales Meeting | Goal Setting Reinvented

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Episode 1: Sales Meeting | Goal Setting Reinvented

While approaching a year without a goal or a plan is just a terrible idea, walking into a year with only one goal might be the next worst thing. Learn why setting at least three goals is crucial when it comes to running a successful sales business.


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Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [00:01] – Learn about and get a FREE trial on Leadpages
  • [00:23] – RERAW intro
  • [01:02] – Welcome to our short form weekly sales meeting. Today we are discussing goal setting and discussing why setting just one goal can be fatal to your business.
  • [02:02]Realtyzam is the best accounting app designed specifically for real estate agents and you can sign up for a completely FREE 30-day trial.
  • [03:37] – The three most common mistakes that most professionals make when approaching their goal setting. 1. No goals are set; 2. Goals set don’t add up; 3. Only one goal is set.
  • [04:41] – James shares a story about the agent that went 25 years without ever setting a goal and why you don’t want to be that agent.
  • [05:54] – Everyone needs to have and set at least three goals for their business. 1. Need; 2. Want; 3. Reach.
  • [06:30] – “Need Goal” defined.
  • [08:00] – “Want Goal” defined.
  • [08:18] – “Reach Goal” defined.
  • [08:45] – Understanding¬†why setting three goals is so imperative. Working against complacency.
  • [10:46] – Goals versus actual numbers and how to find the numbers you’ll need to assist you in your goal setting.
  • [13:24] – It’s important to know the seasonality of your business so you can understand the numbers you’ll need to post and when, so that you can stay on track towards your target numbers.
  • [16:13] – Even if you¬†do set a goal every year, it’s important that you revisit your plan and update your strategy.
  • [16:37] – Offrs.com utilizes incredible predictive analytics to produce highly targeted leads to hunt for your next listing. James set up an opportunity for you to actually talk to the same sales representative he has a relationship with and set up his account through for his own real estate business.

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  1. Keoki on April 24, 2018 at 5:40 AM

    It’s a funny thing… I work all my friends to set and live their goals, but I haven’t done it myself in a while. It’s time. This morning, I set em. Great stuff, James.

    • James Hoff on April 25, 2018 at 1:00 AM

      Thanks Keoki! I find myself revisiting my goals constantly. It’s almost too easy to do as consistently as we should. I’m glad it was a good reminder. Stay on the grind!

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