Episode 23: Interview | Keith Watts

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Episode 23: Interview | Keith Watts

A salesman for his entire life, Keith has incredible lessons to share from so many perspectives. In fact, Keith offered so much value he almost lost his voice while sharing his journey with the world. A true boiler room THRIVER … not just survivor … goes into detail about some of the unexpected ups and downs in the business and how to persevere in any sales related position. Note to self: “action” is a pretty powerful thing.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [00:01]Aiva
  • [00:22] – Get PUMPED with RERAW!
  • [01:03] – James introduces guest and University of Southern California (the real USC) Alumni, Keith Watts. Keith shares a bit about his personal life and how it intertwines with real estate.
  • [10:00] – Keith takes everyone into the boiler-room and talks about specific strategy on cold calling. You’ll want to catch this!
  • [28:00] – This industry is great! But, know that having a license isn’t what gives you the knowledge and selling a house isn’t as easy as sticking a sign in the ground.
  • [33:00] – Keith dives into his experience in the title side of the business. What kind of value did he add to make himself standout?
  • [42:00] – A new and funny twist on a letter or maybe an empty envelope.
  • [43:00] – Be honest, truthful, ask for what you want and just be direct with your motives. It will change your business.
  • [59:00] – You’re in the middle of the conversation about the power of “no.”
  • [01:01:15] – Always be investing in yourself and your education. You’ve gotta search for it.
  • [01:02:17] – The new “ABC” is Always Be Curious … so you’re in a constant mode to learn and seek knowledge. Challenge yourself.
  • [01:06:00] – Keith’s darkest moment and how he got through it … out of it.
  • [01:17:15] – People underestimate how much it actually takes to be successful. People are so tied to the outcome … people need to be more tied to the actions.
  • [01:24:00] – The importance and power of good customer service. One of the favorite parts of the interview with Keith. Talking about Keith’s days at Roger Dunn and James’ days at Callaway Golf.
  • [01:43:29] – Get in contact with Keith at Watts Team Real Estate … www.WattsTeamHomes.com
  • [01:41:50] – James wraps it up. Take action, flip the switch, provide service, get out of your own way … Real Agents Work!
  • [01:42:42]Check out RERAW.com!
  • [01:43:07]Aiva

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