Episode 4: Sales Meeting | How To Win In A Low Inventory Market

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Episode 4: Sales Meeting | How To Win In A Low Inventory Market

You can choose to sit around and wait for others to create inventory or you can do it yourself. You are the “manufacturer” in this business. If the homes aren’t on the market to sell, it’s your job to find them. Using the proper leverage, you can tip the scales in your favor and win big when you use some of the strategies discussed today. Make it happen.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [00:01]Learn about and hire a professional Inside Sales Team to respond to and nurture your leads. Visit Aiva today and see what it’s all about.
  • [00:23] – RERAW intro
  • [01:23] – Today’s topic. How do you handle a market with low inventory?
  • [03:27] – Don’t limit your buyers to what’s only available on the MLS.
  • [05:00] – If you don’t have a buyer you’re shopping for, leverage someone else’s buyer to create opportunity and to find listings that aren’t on the market.
  • [05:53] – An idea shared about the structure of a “buyer letter” that’s worked for your host, James Hoff.
  • [08:59] – Leveraging someone else’s buyer helped me find THREE homes (out of twenty-six letters sent) with an average market value of $1,800,000 … all because the other agent just wanted to sit around and wait for a home to come to market … instead of being proactive, working for the client, working for the dollar and making it happen for the buyer.
  • [12:41] – Agents go out of business because they limit themselves and their clients to what’s already on the market. You have to work harder than that. Sometimes you’ve gotta dig for the business and find that inventory.
  • [12:51] – Famous golfer, Gary Player, says “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”
  • [13:12] – Are you going to take action?
  • [13:39] – Shift your mindset. There is never lack of inventory. It’s not always on the MLS but it’s there.
  • [14:36] – Real Agents Work!
  • [14:55]Offrs.com utilizes incredible predictive analytics to produce highly targeted leads to hunt for your next listing. James set up an opportunity for you to actually talk to the same sales representative he has a relationship with and set up his account through for his own real estate business.

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