Episode 24: Ramble | Anthony Pirro On Appraisals And A Whole Lot More

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Episode 24: Ramble | Anthony Pirro

Anthony is one of the favorite Ramble guests and there’s always great content to talk about. This episode goes from appraisals to making sure you are being genuine and adding value on your own as a business professional. With no structure at all, the conversation just goes however it goes. Always a great time with Anthony on the air!

Anthony Pirro

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Time Stamped Show Notes

(Note: clicking on any of the timestamps below will jump you directly to that exact point in the episode)

  • [00:01]Aiva
  • [00:22] – Get fired up with a high energy intro to the show!
  • [01:02] – Let the RAMBLE begin. Anthony Pirro enjoys the return for pain as he jumps into some relevant topics happening in real estate today.
  • [02:01] – RERAW.com
  • [04:35] – Anthony says “hi” and the always hostile topic of appraisals comes up right away.
  • [24:00] – What is a “true value ad” versus just leading people to the “yes” that makes¬†you the agent feel good about yourself.
  • [40:00] – Have confidence and add value on your own.
  • [44:26] – Align yourself that people you trust, that people that can close and always keep in mind what’s best for your client.
  • [46:14] – Real Agents Work!
  • [18:38]¬†Realtyzam

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