Episode 22: Sales Meeting | Game Playing

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Episode 22: Sales Meeting | Game Playing

The deception and manipulation in real estate is so often what gives the business a bad name. Why so many “games?” Approach the business with value first and client acquisition will change substantially.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [00:01]Aiva
  • [00:22] – Our badass intro to RERAW!
  • [01:02] – James brings in the show. GET FIRED UP!
  • [01:59] – Visit www.RERAW.com and check out the show notes.
  • [02:08] – Weekly evaluation. Do it.
  • [04:29] – Today’s topic is all about “Game Playing” and the manipulative actions agents take and comments made to weasel a way into a potential appointment.
  • [17:25] – Spend your time doing things that matter. Don’t overthink the “trap setting” … just add value.
  • [18:00] – Real Agents Work!
  • [18:38]Aiva

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