Episode 19: Sales Meeting | Questions That Matter

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Episode 19: Sales Meeting | Questions That Matter

Are the questions you’re asking actually giving you answers that matter or are they just making you feel good? Learn about the “why” behind understanding the questions you ask. Today’s Sales Meeting is a good one … well, let’s be honest, they’re all pretty damn good.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [00:01]LeadPages
  • [00:22] – Our badass intro to RERAW!
  • [01:02] – Happy Memorial Day!
  • [02:51] – Weekly evaluation reminder.
  • [03:44] – The topic of the day … all about questions and how to ask them, how to answer them and how to position them to benefit both your client and your business at the highest level.
  • [05:03] – Are your questions self-serving or are they protecting your client’s best interests?
  • [06:00] – The “now mindset” is a dangerous one.
  • [07:10] – It’s okay to ask questions to determine timelines and motivation that help you prioritize or categorize your prospects and clients.
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  • [19:07] – LeadPages

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