Episode 20: Interview | Steven Thomas

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Episode 20: Interview | Steven Thomas

Having a chance to interview a man who’s of the third generation in his family leading the way in real estate, there’s literally nothing in this interview that’s not worth listening to. Value bomb after value bomb … Steven brought every single piece of his “A-Game.”

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Time Stamped Show Notes

(Note: clicking on any of the timestamps below will jump you directly to that exact point in the episode)

  • [00:01]Learn about and hire a professional Inside Sales Team to respond to and nurture your leads. Visit Aiva today and see what it’s all about.
  • [00:23] – Fire up that RERAW intro!
  • [01:03] – James brings in the guest and introduces the listeners to Steven Thomas!
  • [02:09] – Think you’re busy? Meet Steven … he has NINE children and he hasn’t just figured it out. He’s THRIVING! There are zero excuses. Play hard and get it done. He offers a glimpse into his world and it’s certainly worth a listen.
  • [04:48] – Managing the “juggling act.”
  • [08:32] – Burning the midnight oil. Sometimes you’ve gotta work late to get ahead.
  • [09:36] – How do you get back in action and regain focus when you get kicked off the horse and thrown off your game?
  • [12:50] – Steven takes us back to a tough time, a dark moment and talks about how to get out of that and get it done anyway.
  • [17:17] – Some advice for those who are struggling right now.
  • [21:55] – Agents give up too soon on their plan.
  • [22:50] – Find out how Steven found himself loving and playing in the real estate business.
  • [31:51] – Get your goals posted and in front of you.
  • [35:00]Walt Disney’s Mind Map
  • [36:34] – What are the key pieces of information that folks need to pay attention to on Steven’s housing reports? This is a deep dive on the most important data that agents need to pay attention to when analyzing a market. Understand what numbers are most important and what is ultimately given more weight than perhaps it should be given. THIS IS SOME SERIOUS KNOWLEDGE!
  • [45:39] – Numbers … know your numbers. Leverage the MLS and get data. Data provides knowledge and knowledge is power.
  • [49:57] – Find out what Steven thinks about agent selling “outside of their area.”
  • [58:30] – A common mistake that agents make with some questions to get those wheels spinning so you can be better.
  • [01:04:15] – Understand this about farming and have fair expectations when you approach it.
  • [01:07:47] – Closing thoughts from Steven. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!
  • [01:08:10]www.ReportsOnHousing.com or find Steven on FB HERE!
  • [01:08:36] – Real Agents Work!
  • [01:09:29]Try out Leadpages today.

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